NexAI Token migration

Why migrating?

Our decision to migrate the NexAI token to the new token comes after careful consideration and strategic planning. With advancements in our technology and the need for enhanced functionality, we felt it necessary to relaunch under a new contract with updated branding and improved smart contract capabilities. This migration will enable us to integrate all future functions seamlessly and ensure optimal performance on EVM blockchains while providing a fresh start for new investors and avoiding confusion with projects using similar tickers.

Who is eligible to receive the new tokens?

All current holders of the NexAI token as of Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 16:42:33 PM UTC are eligible to receive a 1:1 equivalent of the upgraded tokens. It's important to note that any tokens purchased after this announcement will not be counted towards the upgraded contract.

What about liquidity?

To preserve the liquidity locked for another 6 months, we kindly ask holders to send their tokens to the specified wallet address: 0x83a8da00A8A35e9e9E38E733C0aaf5d200a366F6. This ensures that liquidity remains intact throughout the migration process.

Is there a time window for claiming?

Yes, there is a time window for claiming the new tokens. The migration process will be initiated shortly after this announcement, and holders are encouraged to send their tokens to the designated wallet address within a reasonable timeframe to receive their upgraded tokens. However, please be cautious of scammers and only follow instructions provided in official announcements.

Can I buy more tokens after the team has sold tokens for new liquidity and then migrate them?

Unfortunately, tokens purchased after this announcement will not be eligible for migration to the upgraded tokens. It's important to participate in the migration process promptly to ensure eligibility for the new tokens.

1 Don't buy $NEX tokens; their value is dwindling due to our LP liquidation. Tokens bought after this won't swap for the new ones.

2 Transfer your existing $NEX tokens to the specified address ASAP. We'll use them to gather LP and airdrop new tokens to your wallet.

3 Deadline: April 22, 2024.

4 Avoid DMs; we won't initiate.

5 Join us in Space on X, April 15, 17:00 UTC, for more details.

Let's ensure a smooth transition together!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that for new listing tokens, we cannot guarantee the same market cap as existing tokens. However, our commitment lies in enhancing liquidity and fostering a thriving trading environment.
Moreover, it is essential to strictly adhere to the provided instructions regarding token transfers. Failure to comply may result in an inability to effectuate any changes or participate in subsequent token swaps. We hold no responsibility provided adequate time and strict instructions have been provided. Your cooperation is integral to the success of this process.